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As I was washing dishes this evening, my thoughts took flight, as my thoughts often do, while performing mundane chores (shades of Piers Anthony)

My mind turned to the lovely comments posted on my Blog post "Legacy" and how touched I felt that this person was not only kind enough to comment, but that she "got me". I do realize that to a lot of people I appear hard to understand, I coined a phrase that I feel suits me best "I am like a chameleon caught in a kaleidoscope" still working on that blog.

As my mind revisited her words I thought also of another kind woman whose visit and comments brought pleasure to me and how someday my child and grandchildren will one day view these also. It occurred to me that these and all future people who comment will become a part of this legacy I leave.

I just wanted to say again Thank you, it makes me proud that my loved ones will one day find you as well and that I can be proud of the choices I made in the people whose words and lives I enjoy and admire.

The pictures are of my 4 beauties, My daughter, her 4 year old twins, and my rose between the thorns who is 3. By the end of the year I will be blessed with another set of twin girls.

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